Abhinav Shashank is the CEO and Co-Founder at Innovaccer , one of the fastest growing big data and analytics company based out of silicon valley. Innovaccer recently raised $15.6 million Series A led by Westbridge Capital Partners.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare: Enhancing Risk Models to Predict the Future Cost of Care

Once while I was scrolling through the news feed on my phone, there was one specific line that really made me wonder: “There’s a 40% chance of gusty and blustery winds today.” Statements such as this one strongly influence people’s behavior, as they are based on evidence or data findings from years of surveying, studying,

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The Next step to Value-based care: Activating Healthcare Data for Physicians

Healthcare has seen a number of life-saving breakthroughs: vaccines, anaesthesia, bypass surgery, the balloon catheter, and even decoding the human genome sequence. These have all changed the face of healthcare, transforming how we do things around here. But there’s one breakthrough which we have known is coming for a long time now. That breakthrough is

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