Alexander Kesler is a visionary B2B digital marketer who has been practicing in the fields of high tech, software, education and security among others for over 15 years. As Founder and President of inSegment, a leading Boston-based Digital Marketing firm, Alexander leads a team of digital marketing experts that specialize in B2B Lead Generation, Content Marketing & Syndication, SEO & Paid Search, Conversion Oriented Web Development, Programmatic Media Buying and Direct Response Marketing. Alexander created Conversion Architecture®, a proprietary methodology that addresses the needs of every possible user type to increase the likelihood that a website visitor will take action and convert into a lead. A frequent contributed to industry publications, Alexander earned a Bachelor of Science from Babson College.

Mind the Gap: 3 Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaigns That Revolutionized the Industry

Healthcare marketers have always been slow to adapt to marketing trends. In fact, marketing efforts in this highly-regulated sector are reportedly two years behind less risk-averse industries. So, it’s no surprise that digital is a largely unexplored and untapped healthcare marketing channel. However, in the last few years, many healthcare marketers have started leveraging digital

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