Arron Fu is a member of the leadership team and responsible for all aspects of strategic product development. Arron is the creator of the patented and award-winning UniPrint™ universal printer driver technology specifically designed for optimizing printing functionality and simplifying administration in multi-user, server-based computing environments. An IT industry veteran, prior to Arron spent 15 years in the field of consulting, system installation/integration, and application design and development across business functions, processes and industries. He holds a degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manitoba as well as a number of industry standard qualifications.”

EHR Printing: Security Concerns Associated with Healthcare Organizations

Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry As the “going digital” trend rapidly gains popularity across the corporate world, industries across the board are looking to digital transformation to answer their security, workflow efficiency and productivity problems! The healthcare industry is at the forefront of this shift towards a digital world! With the healthcare industry hosting

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