Brad Josephson is the Director of Marketing and Communications at PMMC, a provider of high value revenue cycle software and contact management services for healthcare providers. These providers are typically hospitals, but PMMC also works with physician practices. Brad received a Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations and Marketing Degree from Drake University. He has worked at PMMC for over 3 years and has a deep knowledge of revenue cycle management tools which improves the financial performance of healthcare organizations. PMMC Works with healthcare organizations to maximize revenue and collect outstanding collections via payer contract management.

Building Your Revenue Cycle Roster: How Running An NFL Offense is Like Managing Your Hospital’s Reimbursement

Sports (specifically football) and healthcare seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but there are more correlations than you think. Not to say the healthcare industry involves running full speed and attempting to tackle someone who is twice your size, but they both require a system where you need to surround yourself with

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