Charlie Hutchinson is the chief financial officer of InSync Healthcare, a provider of solutions for behavioral health and primary care practices that want to focus on patients, not technology.

Six Key 2019 Technology Trends that Will Impact Physician Practices

As we enter 2019, we’re more than a decade deep into the movement to digitize healthcare, as the industry continues to roll out impressive technologies. Simultaneously, we’ve embraced collaborative care and communication tools. Most realize that EHR use by healthcare providers correlates with higher productivity. But regardless of all of the technology-inspired changes the healthcare

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Leveraging Your EHR to Combat Substance Abuse

As the healthcare industry explores strategies to combat opioid dependency, it seems that technology could be of increasing value — if used correctly. Every day, we’re reminded in news headlines and scientific reports that we’re experiencing an opioid crisis in the United States. We’re also reminded that it’s only getting worse. An estimated two million

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