Dan Jackowiak, Nc, HHP, Founder of Yeast Infection Advisor. Dan is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant that personally suffered from yeast and bad bacterial overgrowth of the gut for most of his life. The information on his website is a combination of his own nutrition and holistic training, life experiences, collaboration with fellow experts on his team, and over 18 years of studying medical research on candida yeasts infections of all types, which has allowed him to take his life and health back help others overcome yeast-related health problems and digestive problems of all kinds.

Tips for Managing an Online Healthcare Practice

The management of online healthcare practice is pivotally essential for doctors, hospitals, and medical practices. Moreover, people are looking to resolve their health issues through online healthcare services with the growing world. Specifically, during the pandemic, people around the world have started shifting themselves towards online healthcare providers. So, the management of healthcare practice by

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