Deepak Behera is a physician-scientist turned executive, with expertise in clinical development and medical affairs across clinical, academic, and pharmaceutical/biotechnology sectors. He has over 12 years of experience in clinical research and related regulatory policies and submissions. Deepak’s goal is to push healthcare towards better patient outcomes, while at the same time generating value for all stakeholders. Democratizing clinical trials for patients and physicians aligns perfectly with this goal, and is why he founded Adaptive Research. In addition, Deepak provides strategic and operational advice to multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the areas of clinical development, medical affairs, and technology assessment. He received his MD from MKCG Medical College at Berhampur University in India, and earned his board certification in nuclear medicine from India’s National Board of Examinations. He serves on committees and boards of various professional societies, including the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Indo-American Society of Nuclear Medicine. In his free time, Deepak likes to mentor young professionals, play volleyball, go for long drives and have fun with his two kids.

How to Create a Clinical Trial Study Close-out Checklist

Image source: How to Create a Clinical Trial Study Close-out Checklist An important document for every clinical trial study is the close-out checklist. This document gives both the study team and the sponsor a list of tasks to do during the study. There are certain checklists that are required by law, but many are

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