Dr. James Chappuis is the founder of Spine Center Atlanta, as the founder, and owner of the spine centre Atlanta. Additionally, he is the senior orthopaedic spine surgeon and the board chairman at the spine centre Atlanta. He takes up a lot of responsibilities in the hospital to ensure it runs smoothly. He developed an interest in revision spine surgery as he likes seeing the gratitude and relief the patients have after having a successful spine correction. Patients who have suffered from failed surgeries have a more complex and challenging medical issue, and this requires someone with great zeal to perform the correction procedure. Dr James Chappius has been in practice for more than 28 years, and this makes him a qualified physician who knows what he is doing. Additionally, he holds 27 patents in spine surgery hardware and application. Contact Dr. James L. Chappuis M.D. and the Spine Center of Atlanta Today by visiting: https://spinecenteratlanta.com/team/dr-chappuis/ or call 404-351-5812.

Dr James Chappuis of Spine Center Atlanta Achieves Milestone of Using Acupuncture In The Treatment Of Acute And Chronic Pain

Dealing with acute and chronic pain after an injury or surgery can be awful. Sometimes the patients don’t need to take part in surgery as it is costly and would prefer something else to ease the pain. Most patients don’t know the options they have for a non-operative procedure. The use of non-operative methods For

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