Ivan Dunskiy is the Founder and CEO of the software development company Demigos Healthcare. Demigos develops high-quality IT products for healthcare organizations and startups in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK. Ivan worked as QA, Software Engineer, Project Manager in different IT companies before founding Demigos. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded two startups and managed the delivery of more than 40 IT projects.

How to solve a medical data security problem

Our society is swiftly moving towards digitalization. Photos, documents, thoughts, banks — our identities are transformed into coded data. Consequently, the digitalization tendency is taking over one of the most vital industries — healthcare.  Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is not keeping pace with a change yet. Despite the necessity for digitalization, the medical industry is

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Top Home Care Trends in 2022

While home healthcare was in demand in the pre-COVID times, the pandemic demonstrated the vitality of out-of-the-hospital care. We would like to stay on the positive side, but, unfortunately, the pandemic is not going anywhere soon. When it’s best for the patient and medical professional to stay at home, providing various types of medical care

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