Dr. James Younger graduated from Dentistry at the University of Toronto in 1999. Since then has been in private practice, providing a full scope of care, including implants and bone/sinus grafting. In April 2015, James was inspired by the idea of improving hygiene temping through modern mobile technology and thus TempStars was born. TempStars now makes it fast, easy, and stress-free for dental offices to find a good hygienist quickly and allows hygienists to live a busy, flexible, and empowered professional life. [email protected]

Why Diversity Enhances Dental Work Culture!

Diversity in dentistry is a massive asset and a focal point for establishing a strong dental work culture. Building a functional work environment requires strong collaboration and buy-in to facilitate ideas and encourage the kind of employee engagement that leads to significant productivity boosts. Strong leadership and camaraderie help formulate an applaudable dental work culture.

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The Importance of Trust in the Dental Industry

The days of technical skills being the only factor that mattered are behind us. One of the most significant worries patients have when visiting a dentist is whether or not they’re able to trust them with their and their family’s care. This is especially true for patients visiting a dentist for the first time. In

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