Jane Courteny holds a Ph.D. in psychology. She is passionate about helping people understand the patient and their behavior with regard to payment in healthcare through her easily digestible materials. You can find her reading on the beach or hiking up a mountain.

How Technology can Help Healthcare Delivery Organizations Solve Patient Payment Challenges in 2023

With the healthcare industry’s rising needs, it’s no surprise that hospitals are confronting difficulties. Healthcare organizations are taking steps to address issues and provide top-notch services, from researching health concerns to protecting patient privacy. This has been made feasible by developing cutting-edge technologies that have allowed us to get around some of these challenges. Healthcare

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Trends And Challenges in Healthcare Digital Online Payments Solutions and How It Is Helping Payers and Providers

In a rapidly evolving environment, it can be challenging to stay up with the trends in healthcare payment. Here are a few predictions about what will occur in 2023. These changes in healthcare payment trends, which range from new developments in technology like artificial intelligence to a rise in value-based treatment, will have a significant

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