Jeshtal Sheth is head of Business Process Outsourcing in ITCube Solution, and has over 20 years of experience in Business Process Management and Consulting, Jeshtal has worked for various industries such as ITES, IT, Legal, Real Estate, Construction & Manufacturing. Heading a team of 500+ people in Business Process Management (KPO, ITES) division, he believes that a strong and innovative team is the backbone of any success. He has been the key in driving process improvement and automation initiatives to bring improvements in quality and productivity delivering values to the customers. While on consulting assignments, Jeshtal has held roles like Director - Operation Analysis, Planning and has worked on complex, multiyear consulting and business process migration projects for clients while in the US.

Enriching: The Record Retrieval Services In 2018

Locating a particular document, file, or record, and delivering it for use is nothing but record retrieval. Multiple record retrieval companies provide retrieval services to claim assistants, also attorneys and medical professionals as well. Complying to the HIPAA norms, processing, and handling required documents including, but not limited to authorization to release medical records, notices,

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