Joe Polaris’ deep front-line revenue cycle experience fuels his passion for building innovative end-to-end processes that increase financial stability for hospitals and health systems. As senior vice president of product and technology at R1 RCM, Polaris recognizes the importance of financial advocacy for health systems, providers and patients alike. He understands how digital transformation and transparency in the healthcare revenue cycle not only drive meaningful revenue for facilities, but also act as major contributors to an empowered and positive patient experience.

RPA and Cognitive Automation: A Foundation for Meaningful Revenue Cycle Transformation

By Joe Polaris, senior vice president of product and technology, R1 RCM Don’t let the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) mislead you. Even when individuals have some knowledge on the subject, too often AI conjures images of robots taking over the world — or beating us at our own Jeopardy!® games. In reality, AI should simply

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