Kayla Matthews is a Pittsburgh native with a passion for personal productivity, business efficiency, and technological advances in the healthcare field. She's written for various influential publications such as Medical Economics, Contagion Live, HITECH Answers, and CareCloud. To see more of her bylines, please visit her LinkedIn profile or read her tech productivity blog on WriterZone and Productivity Bytes.

These New Medicare Cards Could Help Reduce Fraud

The healthcare industry and, specifically, Medicare, is a boon for fraudsters, scammers and would-be identity thieves from all around the world. One primary reason for this trend is the age of Medicare enrollees. With the eligibility age typically set at 65, the elderly are often targeted by — and fall victim to — the scams

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What You Need to Know About Medical Device Hacking

Medical devices are getting more connected every year. From pacemakers to blood sugar monitoring glucometers, these devices now have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. That makes it easier for patients and medical professionals to monitor a patient’s well-being, but as with any networked system, it is also vulnerable to hacking. What do patients really need to know

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