In his role as President and CEO, Luis Castillo has responsibility for all aspects of the company’s product development and delivery, as well as its financial performance and growth. "Lu," as he is affectionately known, joined the CQuence team in 2014, and assumed leadership of Ensocare a year later. Prior to that, he spent more than a decade working in various senior-level IT sales, service, marketing and business development roles for Siemens Healthcare. Lu has deep experience in product life-cycle management, supply chain management, customer relationship management and alternative markets. Lu is a sought-after participant in strategic initiatives and global partnership efforts. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in political science from Haverford College in Pennsylvania.

Best of Breed vs. Legacy Systems: Is One Better than the Other?

The question of whether a healthcare organization should use a best-of-breed approach to health information technology or convert to a fully-integrated solution is a tricky one—and something hospitals and health systems have wrestled with for a long time. As interoperability between systems is crucial, it often requires organizations to choose which system is more suitable

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