Morgan serves as the Course Curriculum Executive Editor and Content Manager at Her extensive background in a Level I Trauma Hospital setting provides vast clinical insight into high octane clinical care, along with a deep understanding of specialized areas of nursing such as heart and lung transplants, ECMO, and cardiac surgery recovery. Morgan’s professional versatility also extends into the highly sought-after field of aesthetic nursing, with comprehensive experience in the Plastic Surgery field; including nurse leadership in PACU, PERI-OP, and OR departments.

Why EHRs Should Be Developed with the Patient and Providers in Mind?

Hospitals utilize electronic health records (EHRs) with the goal of exchanging health information digitally to improve patient outcomes and provide high-quality patient care. However, many of the processes integrated into EHRs by institutions are used to maintain regulatory status and are counterproductive for the priority users. Rather than improving quality patient care, EHRs contribute to

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The eICU: A Benefit or a Hindrance to Healthcare Facilities

With the ongoing advancements in technology throughout the healthcare industry, providers are continuing to find ways to strengthen their practice by improving patient accessibility and convenience. Telehealth has changed the future of nursing care, and there are various job opportunities within this realm that nurses can get involved in! Over the past several years, eICU

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