Neha Faisal is an adventurous soul who loves reading about innovations in science, media, and healthcare. Coming from a healthcare background, Neha indulges in new areas of technology research and enjoys sharing tech-savvy ideas.

How AI for Medical Coding Can Help Healthcare Practices Boost their Revenue

Medical codes are a different language to a layperson, and they are. Clinicians and revenue cycle staff convert clinical encounters into billable codes in the highly complex medical coding process used for performance tracking and reimbursement. The codes that eventually lead to claims describe a patient’s experience. Being able to comprehend a clinical encounter is

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Common Mistakes Healthcare Practices Make During Credentialing

Healthcare credentialing is a time taking process. It involves many complex measures that billing specialists must follow to avoid suffering significant financial losses. Not only that but there might also be further legal issues that endanger the entire healthcare practice’s reputation. A healthcare organization may be subject to malpractice claims and accreditation issues due to

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