Nikunj Sanghvi - VP, Sales and Business Development, Robosoft Technologies.

Nikunj Sanghvi is Vice President sales and business development in Robosoft Technologies. Nikunj is passionate about technology, design, and mobile and stays up to date with current trends in these domains. Nikunj has a wide experience ranging from hands-on development to managing multimillion dollar consulting businesses, leading all aspects from sales and business development to operations and delivery, across varied industries including healthcare, retail, BFSI, etc. He is steeped in technology, having programmed games since childhood, and developed his own Internet search venture while still a student during the dot-com boom.

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Technological advancements are changing the healthcare landscape in a myriad of ways from robotics to smart sensors, wearables, ingestible sensors to mobile apps and much more. However, the prolific amount of data that is getting generated is also paving way for security concerns. Also, the disparate nature of the data collection in the healthcare sector

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