Oleh Sadykow is the Co-Founder of DeviQA, one of the global leaders in Quality Assurance and Software Testing Market. Our offerings include Automated testing for Web / Mobile and API, Full-cycle testing, QA process design and setup, Performance / Load and Stress testing, Responsibility for the quality of your project, API testing, QA consultancy & Audit, etc. Reliability, efficiency, and expertise are the core principles of our QA services. We pay close attention to the privacy and security of customer data storage and all intellectual property. We have been working with healthcare projects for the entire life cycle of our company and we are not strangers to terms such as HIPAA, HL7 and other related terms in the healthcare market. Together with DeviQA you can provide your clients only high-quality software.

The biggest challenges in testing healthcare applications

The healthcare industry is growing very fast. Every day we can hear about new technological innovations and new features that can produce a massive demand for medical treatments and services.  With the significant number of people involved in the healthcare industry, for now, we see as advancements in technology serve healthcare providers in their everyday

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