Pramod Kumar has around 7 years of experience in market research and consulting services for the healthcare industry. He holds varied experience in market sizing and forecasting with varied models, competition landscape, consumer behavior analysis, opportunity analysis, product/company benchmarking, data mining and others. He has successfully delivered multiple projects on go-to-market strategies, pricing strategy, price point analysis, Business Expansion, market entry and exit, share analysis and others. Prior to joining P&S Intelligence, he worked with different research companies, including Transparency Market Research and MarketsandMarkets Pvt Ltd.

Digital Health: The Future of Healthcare?

With the increasing penetration of the internet, rising usage of smartphones and other advanced devices, and growing digitization, digital health is quickly becoming an integral component of modern healthcare. In simpler terms, digital health means using technology for treating and managing diseases and improving an individual’s health and wellness. It covers everything from ingestible sensors,

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COVID-19 Making One Thing Clear: Telemedicine Is Future of Healthcare

What we call telemedicine nowadays actually started in the 1950s, when a few hospitals and university medical facilities started to look for methods and techniques that would allow them to share images and information via telephone. In one of the first instances of the successful usage of telemedicine, two healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania, U.S. transferred

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Advancements in Single-Cell Analysis Techniques Paving Way for Early Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases

The healthcare industry has taken several leaps and bounds, when it comes to disease cures. Several diseases that killed millions of people some years back can now be cured completely by taking proper medication. But, in order to achieve this, the healthcare industry depends heavily on research & development (R&D) activities, which are forever ongoing.

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