Summer Larson background in healthcare stretches over 11 years. He is a well-renowned health IT expert and contributes regularly to popular blogs and websites. She covers topics ranging from health reforms to the application of IT in healthcare. In 2013 he formed EMR Specialist, a company specializing in assisting providers with the adoption and implementation of electronic health records (EHR) and working with EHR vendors on usability and certification projects. Summer Larson is also an avid Star Wars fan.

Addressing Physician Burnout Through EHR Optimization

The healthcare industry has experienced several real clinical and financial benefits accruing from the widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Acting as reliable digital repositories of crucial patient data, EHRs promote appropriate care decisions while reducing medical errors. However, clinicians are worried about the workload that accompanies EHRs. They are particularly concerned about its

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EHR Usefulness Debate

EHRs are software that can be operated on your desktop, tablets, and mobile phones and enable information sharing securely with other healthcare-related agencies. EHR is the reason why we have an increasing patient database that can monitor patient health. An EHR entails a patient’s information, allergies, immunizations, family history, and previous and current medication, surgery,

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