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Future of Electronic Health Record: EHR Trends in 2023

What are EHRs? An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital record of patient data such as patient history, medical records, lab results, medication, test images, etc. Healthcare organizations are widely adopting EHRs due to their many benefits. EHRs help improve clinical workflows, increase operational efficiency, and improve patient outcomes. They increase coordination of care,

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How Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) can Reduce the Prevalence of Cardiovascular Disease

The transformation of technology is changing how healthcare services are delivered, and remote patient monitoring (RPM) is leading this change. If we look at the primary facilities that implemented this tool, cardiac specialties will be shown. Due to a long list of benefits, the demand for virtual care is increasing daily. As the pioneer in

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Overcoming Social Determinants with Chronic Care Management (CCM) Solutions

Health is not just defined by our lifestyle choices; it is also influenced by other factors. These factors can include things such as socio-economic status, education, access to healthy food, safe housing, social support networks, and exposure to environmental toxins. These factors are called Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Social determinants of health are known

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