3 Effective Treatments For Alcohol Dependence

Today, drinking alcohol on social occasions has somehow become the norm. Some would even argue that alcohol plays a role in celebrations and parties. More so, it’s often associated with the ideas of relaxation and having a good time. However, at some point, too much consumption isn’t ideal too. And some studies suggest frequent drinking

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12 Step Program to Break Free from Addiction

Image Source Addiction has been posing a threat to global health for ages. Nearly every community in the world faces some substance abuse problem. Drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, and other hallucinogens are included in substance abuse. These drugs are often taken recreationally; hence, taking these drugs is rarely a cause of concern.

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Recovering Teens From Drug Abuse

A 2019 study reported that around 50% of college students aged 18-22 had drunk alcohol in the month before the survey. Of those, 33% reported binge drinking. Another study among college-aged individuals showed a steady increase in marijuana use among college students in recent years. The good news is that opioid misuse has dropped since

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