Top 3 Pitfalls of Addiction Recovery, How To Overcome Them, and the Role of Technology

Addiction is genuine plus, it’s not attractive. You’ve likely known about the many individuals who have attempted to beat their addiction and failed. Regardless of how solid you think you will be, you could be categorized as one of the regular pitfalls that numerous others do. Actually, conquering addiction will be one of the hardest

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6 Reasons Why Drug Rehab Probably Didn’t Work for You, and the Role of Technology

Whenever drug addiction is in question, the answer appears to discrete- Rehab. Although rehabilitation centers exist with a notion to support people with addiction problems yet the actual success rates of these programs remains low. While the general population tends to single out the patient for this apparent failure, there exist several other reasons for

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Do You Have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

Everyone has heard of “hitting bottom.” There’s no debate about whether or not someone has a severe addiction. However, there’s a huge spectrum of behaviors and consequences when dealing with addiction and dependence. Mild or moderate addiction may not be as easy to recognize. Illicit drugs are one thing, but prescription drugs also complicate the matter.

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