Silicon Valley Startup Altos Lab’s Biological Reprogramming Technology

It is believed that youthful people aspire to be wealthy, while wealthy people aspire to be young. Not surprisingly, Altos Labs, a startup that studies biological reprogramming technology, has received massive investments and assembled a team of prominent scientists. A cure for old age would bring the creators a giant profit, but skeptics believe it

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5 Possible Reasons Behind Memory Loss

A study found that one in nine middle-aged Americans experiences memory loss. While you may think memory loss is a casual symptom of aging, hear us when we say it’s not something to be ignored. Are you wondering “am I losing my memory?” If you’re even questioning if you have memory loss, you should take the time

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The Future of Ageing and Healthcare

The experience of ageing is changing in many ways. Mainly due to the numerous advances in technology and medical research that are occurring. In fact, the care and advice that folks over 60 can expect in the next ten years are vastly different from what has come before. With the future of ageing set to

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