Making Medical Billing More Efficient

There are two key factors that need to be observed in order to make your medical billing process more efficient. First, you need to increase the number of patients who pay their bills, and who preferably pay them on time. And second, you need to trim down the fat on the billing system itself, so

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How to Apply For an IVF Loan

Choosing IVF treatment may be your only option for realizing your family building dreams can be a tough pill to swallow. Finding out your bank account won’t support the cost of in vitro fertilization treatment, fertility drugs and other associated medical care can make this difficult situation nearly unbearable. Here are five ways to pay

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Better Billing Options Can Help Patients Navigate High Deductibles

Consumers are really feeling the pressure of rising healthcare costs. Deductibles are increasing rapidly as more employers opt for high-deductible insurance plan offerings. The cost of care continues to grow at alarming rates, and the threat of losing coverage feels ever-present. In fact, a recent Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey showed that more than half of

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