Applications of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Technological advancements are changing the healthcare landscape in a myriad of ways from robotics to smart sensors, wearables, ingestible sensors to mobile apps and much more. However, the prolific amount of data that is getting generated is also paving way for security concerns. Also, the disparate nature of the data collection in the healthcare sector

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Blockchain Solutions in Healthcare

While the principles of blockchain were first used in the world of finance as the technology that permitted Bitcoin to function, it has applications for many other industries, including healthcare. With blockchain there’s no one central administrator; however, it comes with exceptional security advantages since records are distributed across a network of repeated databases, which

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Why Out-of-Hospital Blockchains Matter

I bought my first bitcoin in May 2013 while on a vegan retreat in Asheville, North Carolina. Going through the purchase process reminded me of when I first downloaded Mosaic and surfed the net. I thought to myself, “this is going to be a game changer”. It was. Bitcoin and blockchain technology will be game

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