Care Management

What is An AED Used For?

What is an AED used for and why should you have a certification? Click here to learn everything you need to know about AEDs! Prior to the 1960s, individuals who fell over from a heart attack didn’t have a prayer of surviving their malady. But thanks to innovative thinkers like resuscitation pioneers Drs. Kouwenhoven, Safar,

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6 Medical Conditions You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Every October the NFL and countless other organizations go pink for breast cancer awareness. April is Autism Awareness Month. We constantly hear about general heart health, dental health (and how it affects the heart), and we’re presented with facts and statistics about alcoholism and drug abuse, especially opioids. There are conditions out there, however, that

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Interoperability is the Heart of Care Coordination

We all know that care coordination is fundamental to improving the quality and accessibility of care. We also realize that on paper, care coordination looks fairly easy- just the integrated efforts of primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, health coaches and all the caregivers. As the amount of healthcare data increases and as patients find themselves

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