Top Tips for Surviving Medical School

Premed is tough, medical school is even tougher. When you’re trying to transition from one to the other, you’ll soon find that though some things are the same, such as going to classes and labs, others are completely and totally different. While there are plenty of reasons to apply to medical school, you can lose

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Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Consider a Career in Healthcare

Most adults admit that they’re working a job that provides little to no satisfaction. The list of employee complaints is extensive, from low salaries that barely cover expenses to limited advancement opportunities. Feeling they have no other choice but to work in hostile work environments in dead-end positions, they continue working and suffer physically, emotionally,

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5 Benefits to Pursuing a Career in Nursing

It’s difficult to trace back to when exactly the practice of nursing began, but we have Florence Nightingale, or The Lady with the Lamp, to thank for the creation of professional nursing. Nightingale’s controversial belief that well-educated women were the perfect people to improve upon the care and treatment of the sick and dying is

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