COVID-19 and Your Pathology Software

We’ve all had to do our part this year. For many pathology laboratory owners, this means providing COVID-19 testing. As COVID cases spike, the US needs efficient test results, and the only way to keep things efficient is to avoid a backlog of tests. That’s why America’s pathology labs have stepped up to the plate.

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Health Charities During A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has posed many challenges for societies globally and the true extent of its consequences are difficult to predict at the moment. However, issues apparent already range from deteriorated mental health (due to social isolation and limited access to health care institutions) to exposing many families to severe financial insecurity. The consequences of

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Dennis Begos Shares How Wellness Activities Can Help During The Pandemic

No one can stay in prolonged stress and uncertainty! It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic phase isn’t ending anytime soon. Recently, vaccination drives started globally, and people got hopeful about the future. However, the new strain of the virus in certain places globally has made people more fearful about the present situation. People today are

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