The Role of CRM in Healthcare Services in 2020

There is no question that investing in medical equipment and trained staff is crucial for clinics and hospitals. However, it is equally important that the needs and interests of their customers are attended to. Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution enables you to better serve your patients, provide quality care, boost internal efficiency

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What are the Tangible Benefits Offered by the CRM Technology to the Healthcare Industry?

Often termed as a universal marketing tool for providers, Healthcare CRM is highly used for different purposes these days. Successful survival always asks for adoption and evolution and healthcare industry is no more an exception. To provide better customer services, professionals require to put in the effort to keep up. A few months back, a

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CRM Can Do More for Both Patients and Healthcare

Customer relationship management platforms (eg. Salesforce, Hubspot, Base, etc.) have begun to revolutionize the way healthcare system administrators approach patient acquisition, engagement, and retention. Now that more robust EMRs integrate with the CRM, administrators and physicians are suddenly capable of possessing a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the patient’s journey, from the first phone call, to

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