Healthcare Cybersecurity – What Happened and What Now?

About a decade ago, the healthcare industry recognized, on a global basis, that the current state of healthcare delivery had to change. Why? Because the world’s aging population was increasing dramatically and needing support for chronic illnesses, growth in the number of healthcare providers was not keeping pace with the needs, and the cost of

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Will Cybersecurity Ultimately Fail Without the Use of AI?

Cybersecurity has largely garnered attention for all the wrong reasons over the past 10 years. From Yahoo to Target to Equifax, it’s the lack of adequate security that had made headlines and sparked conversations. For many, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the great equalizer against cybercriminals. Those that advocate its use in cybersecurity

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Have You Implemented a HIPAA Compliant Security Awareness Training Program?

All companies must take steps to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches, but in healthcare this is especially important. Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations to gain access to protected health information – Full sets of health records, especially those containing Social Security numbers and health insurance information, carry a high price on the black market. Healthcare

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