6 Ways an EMR Keeps Your Data Safe from Hackers

What comes to your mind when you hear the term hacking, cyber security or online theft? If you’re like most people, you probably associate the above terms with digital criminals targeting financial institutions such as banks or retailers to obtain credit card information. Sure, you’re probably right, but cybersecurity is more than just stealing credit

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Keeping Costs Low and Data Security High

The healthcare industry has been plagued by cybersecurity issues for decades, as hospitals and other care facilities typically lack the time and funding to keep digital devices totally up-to-date. Still, most organizations conform to compliance laws about information security, so few healthcare institutions were overly concerned about existing cyberthreats. However, the WannaCry ransomware crisis that

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Healthcare Security Awareness Training: Don’t Fear Failure, Learn From It

The past few years has seen an explosion of cyber attack activity in the healthcare industry. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Healthcare records are a goldmine for enterprising hackers, and with low security budgets across the industry it’s no wonder that healthcare organizations are considered a soft target. A cursory glance at the industry’s security profile tells us everything

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