Dental IT

15 Technological Advances In Pediatric Dentistry

With the recent innovations in pediatric dentistry, gone are the days when children should be scared of their dental visits. Safety, comfort, efficiency, and conservative forms of treatment are now standards when treating children.  Children can now experience painless tooth removal and other treatments. No more loud saws and drills, stressed-out parents, and traumatized kids.

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Dental Practice Management Software: The Key To Saving Time And Money

These days it is hard to imagine a world without technology that has been revolutionizing the healthcare industry for decades. There is no surprise that most medical fields use websites and networking services to streamline their practice, and the dentistry field makes no exception to that. In fact, countless dental clinics and centers today rely

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Dental Veneers: Price, Lifespan, Maintenance

The veneers are stuck on the visible face of the anterior teeth to modify their color, their shape, their alignment … They respond to the requests of patients wishing to offer themselves or to find a nice smile by removing a minimum of tooth enamel.  Made to measure, ceramic veneers offer an interesting alternative to

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