Digital Health

11 Mistakes to Avoid with Digital Healthcare Advertising

If you are trying to advertise your healthcare services online, this guide can help you succeed. Avoid these mistakes with digital healthcare advertising. About 80% of new leads never translate into sales. If you’re struggling to acquire new patients, it helps to strategize. With a plan in place, you can spark interest in your different healthcare services

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Electronic Health Records Fraud: How To Deal With These Kinds Of Cases

An electronic health record (EHR), as its name suggests, is an electronic record of health-related information. EHRs immediately and securely presents patient-related information to authorized users. It’s the digital form of a patient’s paper chart, but it contains much more information than the medical and treatment history of a patient. EHR systems are designed to

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Digital Health: Benefits of Custom IoT Software Development

More and more stakeholders in the healthcare industry see IoT as the next big technology to create more patient-oriented and personalized medicine. Already, IoT developers are bringing technology to hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce manual labor. The most common technology applications include the creation and documentation of patient data, remote monitoring, and better

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