Digital Health

5 Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry Today and How to Overcome Them

  As technology continues to evolve within the field of medicine, so too do the difficulties faced by those in the healthcare sector. After all, society has only just begun to experience the beginning phase of the process. And while the significant improvements brought about by recent innovations in the industry have undeniably produced radical

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Digital Wellness: We Have An App For That

Digital transformation in wellness refers to everyone’s physical and psycho-social well-being in this world filled with technology. The frequency of using technology is ever-increasing, particularly in our personal lives, health, and wellness, and these areas need to be addressed in order for everyone to have a well-balanced and healthy life. However, there is a rising

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Healthcare Data Management Tools for Caregivers

Healthcare data management has been a challenge for many years. In this digital age, however, the systems have improved. The process of collecting, storing and analyzing healthcare data is now electronic. This has improved communication, patient treatments and health outcomes, and created a 360-degree view of patients’ health through the integration of data. Healthcare data

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