Digital Health

Mind the Gap: 3 Digital Healthcare Marketing Campaigns That Revolutionized the Industry

Healthcare marketers have always been slow to adapt to marketing trends. In fact, marketing efforts in this highly-regulated sector are reportedly two years behind less risk-averse industries. So, it’s no surprise that digital is a largely unexplored and untapped healthcare marketing channel. However, in the last few years, many healthcare marketers have started leveraging digital

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How Diagnosis Medi-Tech Could Take the Strain Off OverWhelmed Doctors and Potentially Save Millions of Lives

A 2015 Cancer Research UK study found that many people suffering the ‘10 red flag signs’ of cancer –such as a persistent cough, a mole changing size or color, or unexplained weight loss– didn’t visit a medical professional because they thought it was ‘trivial’. Whether it be due to long wait times, expensive private health-care

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The Biggest Ways Healthcare Has Changed In The Last Century

It’s no secret that the world of healthcare has changed over the last hundred years. Things have improved; new discoveries have been made. What was once thought of as impossible and unthinkable may have now even become the new norm. As technology constantly improves, it has affected all types of industries, including healthcare. What used

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