Doctor or Medical Lawyer?

When it comes to life after high school, there are a great many enticing possibilities. For some students, the answer is clear: a profession where they can use their talents is the right choice. Many people find the fields of medicine and law equally enticing. Both paths offer many benefits. Doctors and lawyers have the

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Why Healthcare Students Should Get Interdisciplinary Education

When you think about it, you’ll assume that we’ve already achieved the level of interdisciplinary in healthcare. To solve a particular issue, you have to see your GP and a few specialists. That’s a multidisciplinary instead of an interdisciplinary approach. For example, women are referred to as gynecologists, transfusiologists, immunologists, and endocrinologists when they have

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A New, Accelerated, Career-ready Master’s Degree Program in Health Informatics and Data Science at Georgetown University!

Health Informatics and Data Science continues to remain one of the most promising fields for STEM careers. A 2017 HIMSS Leadership and Workforce Survey showed that 61% of health technology product developers and healthcare service providers are looking to fill open positions at their organizations[1]. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment

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