ReMeLife – Cutting Edge Innovation in Elder and Dementia care

Loneliness, boredom, being treated like a number and with disinterest, lack of motivation, a fear of technology, difficulty with buttons and difficulty engaging with others, are some of the classic issues endemic in care, whatever the care setting. Finding tech-based care solutions is not easy. Most monitor conditions and collect data whilst working in background,

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Keeping Track Of Your Fitness With Technology As You Get Older

As we age, exercise can provide more energy, ease chronic illnesses and help retain independence. Sometimes, it can be hard to get motivated to exercise, especially when experiencing pain or fatigue. By taking advantage of the latest fitness technology for support and motivation, and using fitness trackers to monitor progress, continuing to exercise in later life is

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Guide to take care of dementia patients

“Start taking care of your loved ones, before it is too late”, – this is one common statement that all of us get to hear when our elders become old. One of the many common diseases affecting people as they grow old is dementia. Taking care of people who have dementia is not only physically

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