Health Apps for Seniors

The latest technological achievements we have witnessed in recent years have significantly simplified many aspects of our lives and the way we carry out daily activities. While it is not uncommon to think that apps are more of a young people’s thing, some of them have been designed to help seniors get one step closer

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Five Reasons Why a Nursing Home Might Be the Right Choice for Your Loved One’s Health and Well-Being

Nursing homes don’t have the best reputation. It’s true that some facilities face some serious challenges. You definitely don’t want to leave your loved one in a facility that is known for nursing home abuse or frequent outbreaks of illnesses, like COVID-19. However, just because some nursing homes have problems doesn’t mean they are all

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How Technological Improvements Are Changing Life for People with Reduced Mobility

For people with reduced mobility, technological improvements can be life-changing. While mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetics, and scooters have existed for several years, their capacity to address a diverse set of needs is debatable. However, thanks to research and development, mobility devices, and innovative treatments are finding ways to solve problems beyond the

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