Interoperability & Integration

Healthcare Interoperability: Emerging Successes & Market Influence

My last article addressed how healthcare interoperability standards would emerge from market successes rather than from mandated standards.  Some of those successes and significant market factors are on the immediate horizon. Veterans Affairs (VA) has an interoperability tool in Initial Operating Capability (IOC) at 5 sites and is positioning to start national rollout to all

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The Interoperability Impact: Resolute to touch millions of lives in 2020

Achieving true interoperability across the care continuum has been a top priority for providers, payers, and other key stakeholders for more than a decade. The HITECH Act in 2009 saw providers move from paper-based records to EHRs. However, achieving 100% interoperability is still feat healthcare must achieve to realize coordinated and patient-centric care. Here’s a

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