Healthcare IT

Talking to Patients: 3 Strategies to Improve Doctor-to-Patient Communication

Medical conditions, whether mild or severe, can shake up patients’ lives. So for doctors, skills and experience aren’t the only elements to consider. Excellent communication also makes a world of difference to medical practitioners’ services. Doing so can transform your medical practice. But it might have been too long since medical school. Or you were just never taught.

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Health trends in 2021: Telehealth, Consumerization, and Diagnostic aid powered by AI

The digital transformation of the health sector accelerated in 2020 and will continue in 2021. Needless to say… Telehealth will allow better access to care. Deploying AI-powered solutions will improve the experience for patients and caregivers. The increased integration of systems for better information flow will translate into health benefits and financial gains. Above all…

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The Future of Emergency Medicine: 6 Technologies That Make Patients The Point-of-Care

When an individual meets an accident, the biological capacity of the human body sets off a timer. As per the severity of the injury or health conditions, medical professionals have a limited time to set things right. Hospital beds with a high level of occupancy are an important indicator of a health system under pressure

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