Healthcare IT

How Can Voice Technology Improve Healthcare

Voice technology is being integrated into many industries, from ordering food to doing research online. Healthcare facilities are searching for solutions to improve patient care through voice activation technology. The demand for voice devices has risen due to the need for medical professionals to increase direct patient care. Physicians spend about half of their workday

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Important Features of EHR Software From the Perspective of a Healthcare Worker and Current Patient

Current State of Healthcare IT Health Information Technology  (HIT) is huge in the healthcare industry. Times are changing and so are the ways we record patient data. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to be at the doctor’s office spending at least 10 minutes going through questions you most likely have gone over and over before. Scenarios

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The Importance of Analytics for a Healthcare System

Ever increasing computational power, advances in artificial intelligence, and the lower of the cost computation (because of cloud computing service such as Azure and Amazon Web Services) has enabled healthcare systems – often laggards in quality improvement and technology adoption – to rapidly implement analytics systems. Such systems enable enterprises to analyze and model their

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