Healthcare IT

5 Uses of Custom Cable Assemblies in Healthcare

Success in the medical field requires knowledge the knowledge of technology too. Learn more about custom cable assemblies and the role they play in healthcare. When you work in healthcare, you’re in the business of preserving and saving lives. Loose cables and wirings in a medical environment do the opposite. Stop putting your patient’s lives

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5 Essential Features Patients Love to Have in a Healthcare Mobile App

For many years the demand for healthcare is continuing to increase, and at the same time, we have experienced a poison of digital healthcare made available to the people either through mobile health apps or web-based services. Thanks to mobile health apps, the entire healthcare industry and patient care have completely been revolutionised. Well, this

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Stop Parental Paranoia with a Baby Monitor

Bringing a child into this world and growing your family is undeniably exciting. However, parenting is not easy, and it comes with hints of stress, especially if you are a newbie. Child-rearing is a big responsibility that entails long sleepless nights and lots of hard work. The moment you bring home your bundle of joy,

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Strategic partnership combines software-as-a-service platform with locum tenens staffing to empower healthcare organizations of all sizes to measure, pinpoint and address clinician burnout FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Gaenzle Business Address: 151 Meeting Street, Suite 350 Charleston, SC Phone: 717.556-1054 Email: [email protected] Date: June24,2020 Charleston, SC., June 24, 2020 —SE Healthcare, a leading provider of technology

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Implementing a Healthcare Data Platform to Promote High-Value Care

Burdensome documentation and gaps in care have been long-standing challenges in the healthcare industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified those challenges on a global level, creating a situation in which people have been hesitant to seek care for other medical concerns. As such, healthcare providers are losing revenue, employees are losing their jobs, and those

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