Healthcare IT

How Does Technology Benefit Your Health?

Ever since the introduction of computers, all we hear is how technology has such a negative impact on our lives. Having all these machines and robots around us that can do almost anything, makes us sit in front of a computer all day. Even though technology made us create a sedentary lifestyle which is definitely

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How Can Healthcare Workflow Analysis Help Hospitals in Deploying Their EHR System Successfully?

The reason why many hospitals or medical practices fail to integrate the EHR system effectively is that they have not gone for in-depth healthcare workflow analysis before implementing the EHR tool. Healthcare workflow analysis helps hospitals and medical centers find out areas where health IT solutions can help in increasing the efficiency of performance. It

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5 Ways Technology is Improving Healthcare

Unlike other industries, the health industry has been relatively slow to adopt new technologies-this can be attributed to the strict regulations in the health domain as well as the sensitive nature of the industry. Despite the cautious approach towards technology, the industry has made significant strides that have redefined the way in which the healthcare

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