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The Bottom Line: Why Hospitals are Increasingly Turning to Tele-ICU for Improved Outcomes

Demand for critical care is on a rapid growth trajectory in the United States. Characterized by high-costs and high-risk, intensive care units (ICUs) presents notable opportunities and challenges for healthcare executives in the evolving quality-driven healthcare landscape. While ICUs account for a mere 10% of hospital beds, they typically generate approximately 30% of hospital costs

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5 Ways to Use Operational Data for Visibility into Healthcare Outcomes (Part I)

Advancements in locating and analytics technologies are making it much simpler for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to integrate data from day-to-day operations across their systems to improve patient care and experiences. Information on the real-time location, status, and condition of patients, staff, and equipment is now more widely accessible, providing new levels of visibility into

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The No Wait Emergency Room

The other day, I was asked, “What is your definition of a no wait ER?” I did not mean to be sarcastic, but I think my answer sounded that way: “It is when you go to the ER in a hospital and you don’t have to wait.”  Let me explain. A no wait ER means

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