Executive Roadmap for Integrating Preventive Healthcare Services: Payers, Patients and Providers

According to the Polsinelli-TrBK Distress Indices Report, 20 hospitals have filed for bankruptcy since 2016. Looking ahead through 2019, medical cost trends remain stable but extremely high as healthcare costs continue to rise. HRI projects 2019’s medical cost trend to be 6%. This is consistent with the last five years, which have seen trends between 5.5% and

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6 Tech Trends Aiding the Healthcare Industry

We’re living in an era of unprecedented technological advancement. This development is affecting how people live in a variety of ways. The healthcare world is set to disproportionately benefit from the fruits of evolving technology. Here are six tech trends that are currently driving change in the healthcare industry. Telehealth is Becoming More Widely Utilized

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The Pros and Cons of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Kits

Chances are you’ve encountered the advertising by now: a man is shocked to learn where his ancestors came from, or a woman discovers her predisposition to certain inherited disease. These life-altering revelations, we’re told, are thanks to DNA testing made available directly to consumers. The process is so simple, the information is so interesting, and

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