Tips For Preventing Tech neck

Being dependent on technology, tech neck is a common issue amongst people nowadays. Most of the people spending excessive time on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other electronic devices are faced with the issue of tech neck. The good news is that there are certain tips that can help you in preventing the issue

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5 Benefits of Social Media in Healthcare

Technology, media and the internet has been having a huge impact in our lives since a long time now. But the sudden rise in social media usage has brought in much better and more advanced opportunities to business, marketing and general public awareness. The popularity of social media continues to increase and demographics show that

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Too Much of These Things Might be Bad for Your Health and Some Useful Apps

Motivated by the rising costs of healthcare and a will to live longer, Americans are going above and beyond to improve their lifestyles for the better. With new diet and exercise programs, holistic approaches, and home remedies easily accessible to the average person, more individuals are inclined to make healthier decisions. Though it is paramount

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