Technology: Good Or Bad News For Our Health?

It is often reported and talked about by people that technology is detrimental to our health. The rise of technology has caused more mental health issues; it has made us lazier, social media and video games are addictive, and there is potentially a connection between using screens and having a weaker attention span and poorer

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Ways Technology Has Improved Disability Services

With the advent of advanced and digital technology, disability services are now more accessible, flexible, and affordable. A simple tap or touch of a button from a screen and communication becomes effortless. From entertainment, shopping, to setting up a doctor’s appointment, digital technology is an invaluable breakthrough for people with disabilities. In this post, you’ll

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The Magic of Breakthrough technology: A Case of Disrupting the Pediatric Space

Children have entirely distinctive needs as compared to adults. Care is delivered to them in a manner entirely different than adults by care teams that hardly ever double-up as providers for the elderly. In fact, we hear numerous stories of organizations that transformed their care delivery by fabricating children-specific strategies and have been really successful

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