Hair Lose Cause and its Treatment

Hair loss is believed to affect both men and women during their lifetimes. However, it affects more men than women. Research has been done to find out what causes hair loss and how it can be treated. While there is no cure to balding yet, several advancements have been made towards the management and prevention

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Four Ways to Improve Your Memory

If you struggle to remember what’s on your shopping list, or where you parked your car at the supermarket, neuroscience has good news for you: the brain can change itself. Neuroplasticity is the term used to describe the brain’s talent for healing itself—and there’s plenty you can do to push it into action. Whether you

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Top Dangers of Extreme Dieting

So, what is extreme dieting? In simple terms, it’s when a person is dieting improperly and pushing his or her body far beyond its normal limits. It’s widely recognized as being not only unhealthy but unsafe. Many dieters don’t fully understand why the risk of this type of dieting is so great, however, through social

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