Top 3 Pitfalls of Addiction Recovery, How To Overcome Them, and the Role of Technology

Addiction is genuine plus, it’s not attractive. You’ve likely known about the many individuals who have attempted to beat their addiction and failed. Regardless of how solid you think you will be, you could be categorized as one of the regular pitfalls that numerous others do. Actually, conquering addiction will be one of the hardest

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Technology in Practice: Its Impact on Practitioners, Patients, and Dental Hygiene Education

The future potential of the dental profession lies within advancements in technology. Similar to other healthcare professions, the field of dentistry evolves in line with breakthroughs in scientific understanding and technology. This constant evolution is broadening horizons, offering better dental solutions, and improving patient care. So just how does technology affect dentistry? Technology enables simplification

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Say No to Diabetic Neuropathy + Infographic

Tingling feeling in the lower limbs, numbness, or even pain for no reason, that would not get better with conventional pain relievers could be signs of ensuing neuropathy if you have diabetes. Neuropathy in diabetes is not only limited to limbs but may also involve other parts. Thus autonomous neuropathy may change the functioning of

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