The Importance of HIPAA in the Healthcare Industry

If you work in the healthcare industry, you’re aware of HIPAA and its privacy laws, but do you truly grasp its importance? Do you know about all the ways your organization may struggle with HIPAA compliance? We live in a digital age with constant threats of hacking and cyber attacks, so maintaining HIPAA compliance is

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Have You Implemented a HIPAA Compliant Security Awareness Training Program?

All companies must take steps to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches, but in healthcare this is especially important. Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare organizations to gain access to protected health information – Full sets of health records, especially those containing Social Security numbers and health insurance information, carry a high price on the black market. Healthcare

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Are Your Vendors Compromising Your HIPAA Compliance?

Any organization that allows third-party vendors access to its network or data is exposing itself to an increased level of risk. The more parties that can gain access to sensitive information, the more potential points of entry there are for cybercriminals, and the less control organizations have, which only exacerbates the growing problem of cybercrime.

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