Integrated Care

10 Things A DNA Test Can Tell You About Your Health

In addition, genetics may impact things like metabolism, illness risk, dietary preferences, tolerances, and weight. In turn, the functioning of our DNA may be impacted by the foods we consume. Accordingly, some commercially available home DNA test for health may provide helpful information to assist you in understanding your unique dietary demands and eventually make

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Personal Training In Injury Rehabilitation

Personal trainers come with a ‘luxury’ label that can sometimes play down their importance. While yes, personal trainers are regularly used by celebrities and wealthy individuals to help them get into their fitness goals, there’s a lot more to personal training than that. PT services can help those with complex needs to help them improve

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Integrated Care 101: Coordinating Care, Delivering Value

The U.S. healthcare has transformed drastically over the past decade and has successfully managed to provide care to chronically ill patients. However, the healthcare system is also well-known for delivering care at skyrocketing costs. The U.S. healthcare system faces significant challenges that call for urgent reform- underutilized preventive care, high spending on complex diseases, fragmented

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