Happier Hospitals: How IoT is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Landscape

In a hospital setting, where efficiency and accuracy can literally be life-or-death matters, the increased availability of IoT devices has represented a vital practical advantage to hospital administration. IoT allows increased speed and precision in the transfer of information with vastly simplified infrastructure – a great benefit to operational efficiency at every level. However, these

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Factors and Approaches to Be Considered While Designing IoT Gateways

Leveraging production-ready IoT gateway platforms and customizing them to achieve faster time to market and reduced cost for desired configurations and wireless connectivity options As the trend for IoT is growing with the rising number of connected devices, the demand for IoT gateways has also increased significantly and will continue to grow exponentially in industries

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How Can IoT Provide Value in the Healthcare Industry?

The healthcare industry is under constant pressure regarding costs and quality, and the main challenge is creating a balance between the two. Inspired by the cost-cuts offered by smart systems in other areas like aviation and retail, healthcare is starting to adopt the latest trend in efficiency, the Internet of Things (IoT). This is an

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